I still love to teach photography, lighting and the approach, thought process behind every shot and share mistakes and industry stories;

I am a light master and at the top of my game and one has to be, to be able to teach.

Everybody learns different and is on a different path of photography, non the less, I'm excited for you as its the best part to learn - welcome to your adventure.

Pls whatsapp me and enquire for my price, you can choose online or face to face classes, and after payment I will sent you the coursework that I designed myself.

I have taught Fashion photography at the University, taught at many events and I have taught many self taught photographers that is just stuck and need that 'ahaaa' moment.

References from students

"The course informed me about different lights, how to use Lightroom and Photoshop effectively ,
the importance of planning before the shoot & editing. I want to the skills to take better fashion photography photos for my social media and edit my jewelry website"

—Miglena - Bulgaria - www.instagram.com/sponsorboutique

"Celeste gave me a new and interesting perspective on the importance of light to bring depth into my photography. Photography to me is part of everyday life, a way of storytelling. I love to capture real life moments, of life as it happens. Unpretentious and real. It is a great way to keep diary of my children’s growing years."

—Aneen Nel - Calvinia - www.aneennel.co.za

"Celeste, I love your course and the fact that you are able to perfectly meet the needs for the individual. You are providing a great amount of materials for your students to develop excellent photography skills. I felt you tailored the info to the way that I learn"

—Gabriel S.

"I wanted to learn more on how to shoot images for my travel blog, and which camera to buy. I eventually ended up buying the most amazing Sony for video and photography. Celeste did a shoot off me whilst teaching & that helped a lot. My editing is on my phone but I still needed the basic concepts."

—ashley - zimbabwe - dubai travel blogger www.instagram.com/ashleigh_r_m

"It was a great pleasure meeting and learning from Celeste! Speed light Photography was unknown area to me and Celeste helped me overcome that part of photography. We spent a pleasant day together and practiced on many different lighting set ups."

—MIRJANA - serbia - www.mirjanakphotography.com