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The producer chronicles

Sometimes when you realise you can produce your own shoots better, you start producing for yourself and then for others too. And every shoot as we all know, has its story, its lesson. Few things about this industry that always comes to mind...

  • Know your client. Know them well
  • When it comes to cast, always see the cast yourself do a proper casting with video, even if it is stills.
  • A pet peeve of mine - when producing, pls dont call the team member before the exact call time (they are driving)
  • Follow you gut feeling
  • every shoot is applying everything youve ever learnt in life
  • A big pet peeve of mine: dont dont dont talk bad about others on set. You think it might may you look good, but it only shows insecurity, unprofessionalism and mature people in Dubai don't look at that person your talking about in a bad way, they are well evolved to look at YOU in a bad way - we think: "hmmmm when will you talk about me in this way?"
  • Always always always obtain visual references from a client - not verbal - if client is not sure , then help them to become sure - I promise, it will save alot of time afterward

Anybody want to add to my list ....?